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American Food

American Food | Cousins Family Restaurant - Clinton, IA

Some folks say there is no such thing as “American food,” and it’s easy to see where they might get that idea. After all, we’re...

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Mexican Food

Mexican Food | Cousins Family Restaurant - Clinton, IA

There have been so many waves of immigrants that have made their way into this country that we are, and are forever proud...

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Italian Food

Italian Food | Cousins Family Restaurant - Clinton, IA,IA

There are so many different culinary dishes that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, and it’s certainly hard to try them all! However...

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Welcome To Cousins Family Restaurant

There are few things that can be quite as great an icebreaker as a good meal. A meal means more than simply great food – it means a great atmosphere with great people! There are so many mitigating circumstances that can get in the way of quality time between families. Life today moves faster than ever, with a Starbucks on every corner and online transactions helping business to proceed at an increasingly rapid pace. All of this and more has made it harder than ever to enjoy a nice, family meal.

At Cousins Family Restaurant, we hope to reverse that trend and revive the time-honored tradition of families dining together in a warm and welcoming environment! We go to great lengths to ensure that everything from the food, to the service, to the atmosphere is all handled with grace and care. Any good chef knows that the devil’s in the details, and we’re committed to working on a winning recipe, and it all begins and ends with you!

After all, this is a family restaurant, and the most important part of any family are the people that make it up! As such, we are committed to doing whatever it takes to make your dining experience one to remember. We allow for a great deal of customization, meaning that you can tailor your meal to your heart's content.

We offer a wide variety of food, including fine Italian dishes, spicy Mexican cuisine, and good old-fashioned American meals that are sure to fill you up and still leave you wanting more.

We’re proud to be a prominent part of the Clinton, IA family, and work to make our food, service and overall atmosphere worthy of the prestigious company we keep.

We hope you’ll consider becoming a part of our family and coming on down to Cousins Family Restaurant for a family dining experience that’s truly magnificent!

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